Incorporated on 15 March 1984, Lexxon International Pte Ltd has been providing its services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Lexxon’s main core of business includes ship management and chartering.

Lexxon is a proud owner of a fleet of vessels which includes supply, utility, tug vessels, and an accommodation barge. With vast experience in the offshore industry, Lexxon has gained numerous contracts and projects with many reputable regional companies.

Our past records of projects with oil majors have shown the versatility of Lexxon in a diverse range of areas.

Lexxon plays a vital supporting role in many offshore works such as:
  • Project Management & Engineering
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM) Changeout & Maintenance
  • Platform Corrosive Preventive Maintenance Works
  • Offshore Geotechnical & Seismic Services
  • Subsea Preventive Maintenance Projects

Lexxon provides a holistic service catering to diverse needs of our clients. Lexxon’s staff, along with the crew of its vessels’, are dedicated to serve their clients' needs whilst ensuring quality, safety, efficiency and productivity.